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Mark Huber on the progress we’ve made…


First of all, let me correct a couple of misinterpretations of what I’ve said.

My actual statement was that Lightworkers on the planet have migrated about 80-95% of their essence to the crystalline form. The ZPMs were at 99.68% at the last report. Ashtar said that when they reach 99.80% power that he will add .20% to bring it up to 100% and that will then generate the light shield around the planet.

Not many years ago we struggled to bring in the crystalline structure overlays and then a few more to begin the migration during this intervening overlap period. This is very rapid progress! More so than in the previous 30 years.

Our advancement is exponential since the August 1987 harmonic convergence and even greater since Harmonic Concordance in Nov 8-9, 2003. Almost all of our spiritual advancement has occurred since 1987.

With the end of 2008 we have had two Ascension Waves and are working on the massive and last or 3rd wave now through Dec 21st, 2012. The current Full Moon at 6:49AM PST Tomorrow {2/9} through 2/14/09, Valentine’s day, is loaded with potential changes.  We will have to keep our eyes and ears wide open to see all that emerges.

And while the planet and Lightworkers have reached around 5.3D the majority of the public are still around 4-4.2D. That is our job…not to race ahead…but to bring them with us.

Since we are receiving intense help from a combination of the energies of our Sun, pumping out Plasmic bursts of high velocity and vibration waves, impacting the Photon Belt in which we are now immersed, which are ionizing and raising the vibration of our subtle KA (etheric) and BA (spirit Light above our crown chakra) vehicles.

We will continue these effects upon our DNA and consciousness, unless we are resisting, in which case we will drop down into denser amalgamations and soon be swept off the planet.

While the cabal is resisting our advancement, they can not stop it and their resistance is now going to sweep them off the planet. You can not resist this powerful and rising wave of change. You either embrace it or you leave. That’s the deal!

Quantum shifts require tipping the scale to non-ordinary limits of imbalance while compressing and sustaining it until there is a transformative leap that propels us into a whole new and higher galactic expression.

We must emerge from our chrysalis if we are to become spiritual butterflies. We are in the end of the gestation period and the earth mother needs our advancement to birth this 5D galactic baby that will populate Terra Nova. Her labor pains are the harbingers of the coming birth.

So very important to get that this is not an event that is accomplished by an individual. It must involve all on the planet for it will embody the Law of the One and Cosmic Consciousness.

That is the identity of this collective birthing of a Golden Cosmic Child. If you think this is slow, imagine what Gaia has had to endure while we have been asleep and trying to poison and steal all her life force, almost succeeding in killing ourselves and her too.

She is still in intense care but she is beginning to recover with our conscious assistance. Her advancement is guaranteed. Ours is still up to us. If we don’t join with all who have yet to awaken, we will diminish the number of potential graduates.

This is our greatest challenge. Only one full ascension body can ascend. It takes all of us to succeed.

We now have massive assistance from our galactic families who are straining with us to complete our own cleansing and awareness upgrades in the short time remaining.

We can do it. We will do it. It takes must patience and persistance.

Major manifestations require planetwide intention and collective visioning along with willingness to do what it takes. Until the Cabal has been removed from the stage we have to keep the compression and the heat on. When they leave we will feel the lifting of a very heavy weight from our bodies and awareness. Then the fun will begin.

We are at that point on the evolutionary graph where the wave peaks rise almost vertically through 2012.

As to what that day will be like? Asking that question in this consciousness won’t work. Every day we are shifting and when we get there we won’t be who we now are.

That level of consciousness will know who and what it is and see clearly. This consciousness does not. We would not now understand if we could be told. Can you imagine what thinking and perceiving 100s of times faster and holographically means?

Take each day and celebrate that, no matter what seemed to have happened, this process is continuing and accelerating  interdimensionally and multidimensionally faster than we can understand it.

The timelines are being erased and the remainder merged into this. We are reintegrating all up and down and all around our greater Self’s expressions.
This is beyond human comprehension as it is simultaneous, synchronistic, holographic and involves all our complements in a higher unity with all dimensions of Self and Source.

At Zero Point we will connect them all into our holographic ‘hub’. There is no room for error. It is a very precise alignment and balance.  It requires clearing of all that is blocking us or which no longer serves our advancement. We are the pivot point for solar, galactic and universal transformation.

We ain’t seen nothing yet. We have been getting ready for this for billions of years and millions of cycles.

While most attention is on the outer changes, that is an illusion. Our internal changes are much more important and powerful.


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