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Mark February 20th update…


1.  Have you anything to add to what Mother Sekhmet said last night in view of the number of things that are happening?

On balance, I suspect that they will opt to prop up the market tomorrow and then see how Rove’s testimony goes on Monday.

He is as slippery an eel as has ever been grasped…only to have slipped through again by another of his smokescreens.

Mother said that this time he’s gonna to be hoisted on his own petard. I pray that that is true since I believe he will sing like a canary if they keep his feet to the fire.

Harriet Miers is right behind him along with others.

If he speaks truth on the record, the market will fall. If he does his usual slippery dance pointing his finger in 12 other directions and protesting that he was only following ‘Presidential Orders of Executive Privilege,’ they will need to disabuse him of that defense. I’m also sure that he will invoke National Security Classifications on his involvements.

In some ways it does not matter what he says or does not say, only that he appears and does not take the 5th Amendment. This has come too far and there is too much evidence to be brushed aside. The Hangman will not be delayed for long.

Accountability is at hand. That has to become absolutely crystal clear for people to be ready for the Indictments to be unsealed and executed.

There are careful plans afoot to call for Fed Reserve absorption into the USTreasury and all these bailouts and the true nature of the Fed as a private Illuminati tool designed to always and ever enrich the Cabal, must be fully understood by the public.

Nothing like a bunch of highest-level arrests of those caught with their hands in the cookie jar to build that argument.

Some significant UFO releases by the US have gotta be at the top of the disclosure agenda. That will then allow all the other disclosures of agreements with other ET groups to be released.

So my concern is with these other revelations and arrests that demand accounting to the public.

You can only white wash so much and then it starts to stink to high heaven.

I suspect that more was said behind closed doors today by Obama and [Canadian Prime Minister] Harper than was acknowledged by either.

Cleaning out all the reptiles in the financial system is quite a job and 9/11 will convict most of them, on the evidence on record.

So, I am jubilant about the convergence of all these events that is so advanced now that we can actually see many of the final pieces and they are all lining up. No dates will be given, yet we are days away from definitive decisions and actions.

Doesn’t matter if its this week or next month. I can see no way that this can be delayed beyond Spring Equinox…at the very latest.

I’ve waited for 30 years to reach this point where the events and worldwide support are screaming for change.


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