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A Lemurian Elder speaks to us…


This is from a Channel by the name of Takeli.  Her information is listed in the “About” links at the bottom of the blogsite.

Evening with Chancellor Mufa – 22nd January 2009

Greetings, dear Ones, I AM Mufa – of Le-MU-Ri-A. I greet you in Love:  I greet those of the unseen Lights as well. To those of you who will read these words in the time to come:  I hold you in Love, also.

For this journey is one of great accomplishment – accomplishment, in this context:  that you in the Human Light, are so close to transition now, as to truly be almost upon it.  There have been journeys upon journeys; lives lived over thousands upon thousands of years in readiness for this time.  In Truth, this Shift of the Age was intended to take place a number of times already on your planet; yet, was not the Light present sufficiently, for it to move through its completion process.

All is in a place of allowing for it to be so, at this time.  The vibration set in motion, reflected in the election of Barak Obama in the US, creates a ripple around the globe, does it not?  And in that ripple, energy is amplified:  Love, present in the form of new potentials, new experiences that can now emerge and blossom, in a way that simply was not possible, not so long ago.

For those known as the Illuminati:  those who manage the world finances; the stock markets and so forth; who manage the cartels that govern your Earth plane, thought that they were in control.  It will be news to them, I am sure, that they no longer have that level of control, when this President chooses to operate differently than any other before him.

Why do I speak of this man, as I speak to you now in this country of Australia?  It is a place of knowingness of the depth of interconnectedness, that all are part of.   No longer is there the luxury of being separate countries, separate in your very essence of understanding self as unique, in that your actions affect no other. All come together now in a vast melting pot:  a maelstrom of energy, with certain strands seeking to retain dominance; others, to remain in their subservient Light:  yet, also beginning to recognise that this process does not serve them.

As the passage of this year moves through its process, each will come to Honour themselves to the fullest that they might; and in this month of January, has it not already been a focus for each of you to discover a new journey in some fashion or other.  Even if it be, just the planting of a seed of what might be, what might become, at this time.

All is in readiness for change.  And it is not to be a tornado of energy:  it is to be a continual sturdy blowing of the winds, that ebb and flow indeed; that are stronger at times, and less so at others; yet that continue to magnify the effect of transformation:  this process of Love energising everything in its path, into a place where it can transform; where it can shift of its own volition, into a space of Being that is powerful, in its knowing of the Self. All come into this place of the Heart:  this knowing of Self, in connection to the Divine.

For those who choose not to awaken, to remain steadfast that the journey they are on is all there is to life on this planet, they will find themselves in some disarray, for the Love will not tolerate it:  it will insist to them, that there be change in their journey as well.  There will be the impetus to open the Heart, provided by some family member’s journey perhaps; by some others on the Earth plane moving through rapid transitional process, as Gaia shifts herself into a state of greater Harmony, greater Peace and Joy in her Being:  for that is the path now.   To seek out that which is of service to you, in shifting your vibration into Love: it is a pathway for all to follow.  For anything that is of servitude, that is of duty, that is of responsibility that is not from Love, that is of fear, comes to closure. You choose your path now. There is truly no other option; and as you make your choices, energy aligns to bring to you that which you desire and long for.

It is all about Love; it is all about healing; it is about Peace on this Earth plane. And for those who seek constantly to hold to a focus of less than, more than, other than:  they will find, that somehow their world no longer works as it is supposed to.  They will find that the energy has shifted so rapidly that they are caught short in their finances, in their workplace, in whatever form of experience they find themselves within.  And it is brought forth to them through their Higher Self, as a gift; as a momentum for change; as something that will allow for a new understanding to blossom and to flourish within them:  one that is aligned to Self as Spirit, walking a beautiful path of experiencing life in this 3rd dimension; rapidly now, almost in the 4th Light already.

For do not your thoughts have so much more energy than ever before?  Are you not more telepathic, than ever you have experienced yourself to be, in past years?  Are you aware of energy more profoundly, than you might have been, even a year ago?

These are changes to your energy field:  they are changes to that which is Gaia. Her magnetic grid is in constant realignment to allow for all that must reach completion to come to closure, that it not be taken into the next journey; that it be released in as much capacity as it is possible to do now.

Fear not the drama, when it shows itself to you. Allow for others to be, indeed, rather discordant around you.  Let them speak to you, of their knowings, their learnings, that are of the old ways of Being; and listen with your Heart, to the fear that speaks from that Heart, that brings forth this energy to you.  And where you can, find a moment to create a Prayer, that asks of your Higher Self, to align some Love into the Heart of the Higher Self of the one before you:  to assist you in sending a beam of Love, from your Heart to theirs, as an offering; as a potential, for them to receive.  You will find that the energy shifts, where there is that capacity for it to do so in that moment.  Where it is not, simply acknowledge, that this one is not ready for change, and allow yourself to be in some form of separation of them.

It is all right, to be different:  it is most appropriate to be empowering of the Self, to create with your Higher Self, with your Guidance, that which brings you Joy. For as your Heart Lights in Joy, does not the world around you begin also to vibrate to this Joy.  As you allow the Love of Spirit to gently flow into your Being, there is the Love:  there is the Truth of your Heart. Let that come forth, in every possible opportunity you find for yourself, to have it be so.

As all bring Love to that which is out of Love; as more and more meditations connect those who would journey with Spirit, Heart Light to Heart Light, energy is amplified beyond all measure.  There is that which celebrates the journey of the 3rd Light; and it is appropriate; for they are on their path, and you are on yours.

You have come in to create the powerful momentum of change, that almost at the crest, at the very height of the journey, they will discover it, and become part of that wave, where they would choose it. For those who will not, there will be a peaceful transition into Love of Creator. Allow yourself to celebrate that every part of the journey now, for each and every one of you, is so guided; so much in Love; and it is when you release from that which no longer serves, that the brakes are released, and the journey accelerates.

Do not be discouraged if nothing seems to be happening in an obvious manner.  Let yourself be at Peace, that in the Truth, Trust and Passion of your Heart, energy moves.  And when you bring forth a Prayer that aligns you into that part of yourself that is your Higher Self, your Soul presence, you will find that the Love guides you to formulate words that are powerful:  that shift energy and align you into the gift of Love, of life and laughter, that you are.

For it is not to be glum any more, about the terror of change and transition; of what may befall Humanity.  It is now to recognise, that as a Spirit Light, you are so profoundly Loved for your contribution to this Shift, whatever capacity that falls within.  It does not matter what your journey is:  you are contributing already.

And all that you are, as you allow for that Love to simply flow into your Being, relaxing all of the tension; releasing that which is held in your emotional field into Love; and allowing that Love then, to be in such a closeness of connectedness with all that you are:  that is the journey now, as often, as deeply, as you can find for yourself to be.

In that place of Heart to Heart connection with your own Essence, you will find yourself prompted strongly at times, less so at others, to create in a certain manner; and as you accept this invitation, for that is what it is, or simply say, this one is not for me at this time; I will choose another more to my liking, to my capacity, as I perceive it to be.  The Higher Self will work with you, by bringing to you possibilities that describe to you your potentials; and it is truly for you to say to Self:  “I am willing to try this new journey; I am willing to create as I am being guided to create; yet I Honour that always is my own will paramount in this process; for I am sovereign; I have choice.”

It is only when we hold to fear; when we insist on moving always into that which restricts our journey, that we are placed in an environment that shifts the energy into a new way of Being; that provides the potential to understand and to recognise the power of Love in our lives, in our journey.

I, as Mufa, journey with you.  I am this very presence here tonight; and I create with this one, who speaks these words, that which I would create.  Let yourselves be in a similar fashion, as you choose, to the level of your choosing, to recognise that the personality you feel yourself to be, is very much part of the greater Light that you are.  For you who sit before me who receive these words at this time, know this:  you are the ones who are already powerful Creators: Masters, in your own right.

And as you simply choose more and more to accept that as your Truth, that which you are, has your permission to speak through you more and more.  That which you are, has your body in the right place at the right time; and you will find yourself, as you simply notice, Aah!  This is a little different than where I had intended to be, or to say, or to do.  What is the potential of this moment now? Choosing not to insist to your self you were in error, or absent minded, or some other phrase of that nature; and it is to simply say, I accept the Love of my Higher Self:  show me the potential in this moment, that I might understand the purpose, the intent of this journey at this time, more than I have thus far.

It is my Joy, and my Honour, to be present to you, and I seek now to answer what questions you may put to me, in the Light of Lemuria; in the template of Love, of Peace, of powerful transformative energy, that brings forth healing to all.

Q:  I’d like to know if there are any specific practices that we can do to bring forth Light into this world?

Dear Heart Light, it is a Joy to answer this question.  There are so many who find themselves in the daily journey quite separate in their concept of Self, from that which they are.  It is most simple:  it is to be practicing Prayer and Meditation:  Prayer, as the connection to Spirit; Meditation as the listening in answer to your question, your requests; to your statements of your defining of your reality.  For it is not to place yourself in subservience in a Prayer:  it is more to Honour the gift of the journey unfolding; to Honour those who are part of your growth in the unseen worlds and in the physical world; and to have that journey, whatever it might be, become more aligned in Love.

Create the intent within yourself to connect into that which is Spirit, of your Soul, of your Higher Self, into that which is of Creator’s Love, that so infinitely creates constantly, for you to enjoy, for you to experience.  And connect with the weaves of the Goddess Light, that bring balance to a world that has moved to one side of the pendulum, and is now finding a centred space, with each passing day, more and more; held always, in the profound Love of the Christ Light.  He has not left the Earth plane:  He is present in every Heart as a particle of Light.

And as you trinitise this Light within you, you will find the words that you speak come from a place of Love in your Heart, for yourself and those around you.  And as you allow for yourself then to listen, by bringing your mind to stillness, your focus even more to your Heart:  that which you would experience is amplified, that you might come to understand the gift of this experience that you find yourself in, or that you have required for Guidance to be present to you.

Were you to create such a space on rising in the morning, on sleeping, at night:  in the morning, to set forth your intent for the new day; and to receive the gifts of the night travels in the meditation.  And in the night time, or before you would sleep, to request of your Higher Self to journey with you, to align energy to your advantage, for the Highest Good of all:  always, always, for the Highest Good of all; that you not divert another from their place of Being, their choice.  These are simple practices; you may indeed create with them at any time of day.

First and foremost, simply to breathe the golden breath of Light takes you into a place of Love, all by itself; and brings forth the healing to you that you might receive in that moment.  It rebalances your energy, and allows you to know yourself as Creator’s Love, incarnate, in the moment.

Q:  These last two weeks my mental and emotional health has been most turbulent; and the family circumstances also, most turbulent.  Could you please explain…could you help me to make sense of what is happening, and what is happening in relation to why…I’d like to understand my part in this process in relation to my family, in relation to India and the future, please?

Indeed dear Heart…I would begin with this statement:  You are precisely where you need to be, in every moment.  The choice you have made to travel is appropriate, as all such journeys are, as a choice, a potential, is activated.  You have had the courage to accept the path not many could follow.  It is a time to be recognising the beauty of your service to those around you; to extend your knowingness into your Higher Self, to bring forth the assurance that you would require, when you find yourself out of Love.  At this time, at this moment, you may feel as though you are balanced on the edge of the precipice.  Should you move ahead, knowing your path is fully supported; or should you turn away, and find another journey to experience?  It is quite simple, my dear Light, my Heart friend: all that you are, is in readiness for a great expansionary process to emerge from within.  And there is that within you, that ensures that all that is required of Self has been completed, come to closure; and there is a part of Self that is anxious:  Have I done this?  Have I created sufficiently, in this manner?  Have I healed all that I must heal, to be ready for this next part of my growth, of my evolution?

And the answer, most resoundingly, is Yes! You now have an invitation, to say to the Self, I choose to celebrate the beauty of my experience.  In my journey, I have shifted energy in so many capacities, assisting those around me to discover and empower themselves, where they were willing to do so.  I have moved through experiences that hold others fast within the world of the matrix; and I have transformed that which was out of Love, within myself: I am truly ready now.  Those of my family, while experiencing their journey in great disarray at this time, for they must walk the path they have chosen, as I must walk mine. It is to have compassion and Honouring, that they chose this journey.  It is also to relinquish, from all notion of guilt; of lack of Love on your part, in choosing this process of travel, as you have done.  They will walk their path, whether you are there or not.  You have a choice: one that is to be made in the beauty of your Light.  You are ready, my friend:  let the wings of transformation emerge from upon your back, and carry you safely over the precipice to the other side.  They are there:  all is in readiness.

Always, you have other potentials.  This is one you have asked for.  Let yourself be in a place of enjoyment and celebration, and the difficulties will fall away.  Does this answer your question?

Q:  Thank you, yes it does, very much.  I would like to think that each one of us would be able to physically be able to walk our journey; we’ll see.

Remember, that each chooses their path.

Q:  I know that.

Some choose a particular experience so deeply, they orchestrate events to have it be so.

Q:  We are very clever, aren’t we?

Oh, indeed.

Q:  If its appropriate, could you please explain prana breathing to us?

Prana is the word that is used on the Earth plane for that which is known as Chi or Ki, life force; the power of Love; Creator’s Light, universal energy; photon Light:  it matters not which name you put to it.  Always the energy is of Love.

The golden Light particles, are the very expression of this energy.  As you focus consciously on that which is prana, you materialise golden Light. Does this answer your question?

Q:  Only in part:  I understand that Master Kirael gives us a procedure to pull it into the pineal gland and into the body?

Indeed, it is a process of activating the pineal gland to create a window, that allows for you to experience other worlds through that window.  By opening the crown chakra to this Light, you connect to Source:  you connect deeply into the Love of Creator; and when you bring this Light to the pineal gland, you are your own spaceship:  you can travel anywhere, you can see beyond the dimensions into other ways of being, as you allow yourself the gift of this.

The pineal gland is to be nurtured:  for in your Earth plane experience, there is that which causes it to atrophy more and more; most of all, that which is of physical disruption, in the form of fluoride; excess calcium.  There is also that which has it in disuse: a constant determination to be in the third dimensional yin-yang experience.

As you Light up this energy, you activate the Blueprint of your Higher Self:  that which allows for your physical expression of Being to be in optimum health, in wellness, in absolute exquisite perfection.

When you bring those golden Light particles in from the crown chakra, through the pineal, down through the throat to the thymus below the throat  – this is where your childhood experiences of lack and negativity are held, most often.  It is also a centre that allows for realignment of the magnetic DNA. And as you choose to bring Light, the golden Light particles, into the thymus, you allow for the childhood experiences to heal, to transform.  And you energise the magnetic DNA to provide in your coding, in your energy, that which allows for greater Love to prevail, to be present in your journey.

The Heart is the gateway for the lower three chakras as they align into the Heart now, more and more; releasing into the Earth journey, to truly be present in the fourth Light.  That which is of those chakras comes to closure:  and this is part of the journey, when you find yourself out of Love.  There is some form of experience not yet fully resolved, from these lower three chakras, that is seeking resolution.  And as you radiate the Love of your Heart, through all of your experiences, all of your four bodies, Love indeed prevails.

The Master Guide Kirael offers to you the potential to create 50 of these conscious golden breaths:  these golden breaths of Light, that he speaks of as prana breaths, each day.  Perhaps not all at once:  perhaps 10 in the morning, 10 at night, and 5 or more at other times of the day, simply to breathe in this way for a few minutes at a time.  And you will find your energy, and those around you, moves into Love.  I thank you for this opportunity, dear Light.

Q:  Two weeks ago, I started to get sounds in my ears, which presents as if my harmony in frequency has become misaligned.  And I ask if you could help me to realign so that the lack of that continual sound of being off station, to be realigned to clarity…it’s as if an expansion needs to take place.

Dear Light, you are aware, are you not, that there is a left and a right brain awareness:  the left, the logical linear mind, that deals with the day to day tasks, those automatic functions, the automatic pilot; and that which is of the right brain, which is the province of the Higher Self for the most part.  It has many other gifts to offer.  At this time, the corpus callosum that links the two parts of your brain are expanding, and expressing energy from one to the other, and back again.   It is not yet fully understood by that which you are:  there is that which is a little out of Love with this process.

Can you create for yourself in this moment, a vision of your brain, lit with golden Light; and allow that golden Light to be focused most especially on the bridge between the two hemispheres.  Create for yourself the knowing that every part of your journey is held in Love.  And this Love extends itself into the All That You ARE.  No matter which part of your journey feels itself out of alignment, the Love is present, as you bring your focus there.

That which is in the ears seemingly, is a reflection only of your vibration being raised.  Where there is discomfort generated because it is seemingly out of control, bring acceptance to it, and Light up your brain, connecting the hemispheres. Allow the whole of your brain, which includes the sensory organs of the ears, the eyes, the nose and throat and so forth, to come into a state of Unity focus.  The Love creates a bridge between the senses:  that which allows for them to unify into that which is the sixth sense: the knowing of the sound of colours; the vibration of taste as sound and so forth.  Let there be acceptance that modalities are connecting.  It will not cause you to be in disarray with your world; it is a bonus, to be able to perceive more widely, more clearly, energy in different forms.

You are opening your senses to a greater awareness, that allows for even more Light to be your conscious state, your way of Being, as you bring Love and acceptance to all of the experience, to all of the brain.  Practice this a number of times a day at first; and then, perhaps, morning and evening for a time; and you will find that the symptoms diminish quite rapidly.  They are there as an expression of something out of Love, out of acceptance.

There are many who experience sounds in the ears that are not of the physical world; and it is turbulent at times, and distressing for many:  I thank you for offering me the opportunity to speak to that.

Allowing yourself to be in that place of centeredness, of Heart alignment to Source, to Gaia; allowing your Higher Self to take you into Love – is that which transforms every obstacle, every difficulty in your journey now.

As you hold to the linear world of the matrix, of the third Light, more and more, you will find that which is out of Love to be your way of Being.  For there is a shifting into focus of the power of your thoughts to create your world; and when it is not any longer your natural place of Being, the dissonance is greater.  What is appropriate, is to expand yourself, into that which You ARE, for Love to ever vibrate itself within you, to the fullest of your capacity to experience it.  That Love brings healing:  it shows to you new potentials, and offers to you, all that you would wish to experience.

From a third dimensional focus, this seems an absurd dream, does it not?  Yet you who listen, and read these words, know already the Truth in your Heart:  that you ARE Spirit: that you are here to move frequencies, yes; most of all, to EnJoy the journey now.

Q:  As the shift takes place, and Australia is going to play a large part in that, what is Australia’s role, and in previous messages you’ve spoken about the crystal pyramids that will emerge:  does Australia have any sacred sites, or major energy centres, that will take place in that Shift?

Oh indeed:  this continent could be described as a portal into other realities.  There are energy vortexes, portals, beyond measure.  There are places of Being, where you can stand, and feel the presence of Light.  Almost wherever you would choose to put your feet outside of the cities, carries this potential on this continent.

Those places that have been known as sacred sites: Uluru, the areas in that vicinity; places in what is considered to be the outback; places of mountains, of water flowing, the oceans:  everywhere, almost without exception, where you would choose to connect into Love, is such a place.

This continent will be the first to receive the opening of portals into the New Earth:  into the 4th Light experience in its fullest capacity. And those who choose, will be able to place themselves in proximity to these portals, and at their leisure, journey within them, through them, to experience life as it will be in that form; returning to this plane, to speak of their journey to others, for that will be their potential to offer to those who would receive.

Allow for yourself to recognise that in your alignment with the crystal Light, you are preparing your energy to be a conduit for Light to literally create such an opening in your vicinity, where you would choose to place it; and it is as you would bring forth such an intent, such a journey is available to you.  What is required of you is steadfast determination and courage to create in such a fashion, and to relinquish from fear concerning this process, to allow yourself to be in Love, to create it in Love, as a service, as a gift.  It is a gift of Light:  an Honouring, of the process of others; and it is your Love that will literally allow for the creation of such energies as I speak of.

You may choose to plant your feet deep into Gaia, feeling them so planted; open your Light to that which you are, accessing gifts from other times, other places; and allow that flow of Light to move through you.  The crystals you have gathered will assist you in this process, and you may choose to journey with them, bringing forth of their knowing, of their capacity to vibrate in Love, that your energy aligns with them in the opening stages in this process.  It is a beautiful potential:  thank you for the question, dear Light.

Q  I’m wondering if you would be able to clarify, or illuminate for me my role in what is about to unfold?

Dear Heart, the presence of Light within you strengthens day by day, and it has allowed for you to experience your journey differently.  It is now to embrace the fullness of your experience thus far; much as it was provided for this other.  As you create in your Heart acceptance of every part of your process on this plane thus far, at this time, there is the portal into the new journey.  It is already present; it is in readiness for you.

As you embrace also, that you have a gift of sound, of bringing forth frequencies that shift energy into a more harmonious and Honouring of Being, there is that which would express itself through you, in the form of sound.  Not so much the spoken word, as initially perhaps tones, and sounds that may be somewhat strange to the ear.  As you give yourself permission to play, to experiment with sound, you find that energy shifts within you, aligning you more fully into this new understanding of transferring of energy to those who sit before you, and receive that which is offered, in the coming times.  You may choose to align with sound into parts of the Earth plane, into consciousness of countries; of places where there is disruptiveness; and as you would choose to create sound for them, it is carried by that which you already are, to that place, and is brought into the grid of Light for that location.  There is much potential for you to create in such a fashion, if you so choose.

There are other potentials as well:  it is to be creative; to be playful, with colour with sound, with texture, with form, with energy, in every capacity that you can find to experience it; and it is, as you make your choices as to what brings you Joy, will be amplified, and brought into greater focus within you.  Always are you in the driver’s seat in this process.  As you allow the melding of Self with the Higher Self, that which is available to you as these potentials, is able to be recognised and brought forth, in the most beautiful fashion.

Q. Thank you.

I am indeed Honoured to have been part of your journey this night:  remember that this Earth, this experience, is part of a grand illusion: one that allows for the expression of Self as Human; as one who is part of a great capacity for experiencing with others, the Joy of daily life, in whatever form you can find to so EnJoy it.

It is truly a waste of energy to be doing what you do not Love:  allow yourself the gift of discovering what it is that you Love, more and more with each passing day.

Open yourself to new experiences:  go deeper into your own Soul, for there is the treasure that you are seeking to discover.  It is to allow the Love that you are, to vibrate so powerfully in your very presence, that brings to you your gifts; and in that allows for others in your vicinity to discover theirs as well.  For they will see that you are no longer held to the Earth presence of the logical, the linear form of experiencing; they will see how easily change is brought forth; that abundance is present to you, in every way possible, as you bring forth simply the intent to BE in Love, at every opportunity.

Where your Heart is in Joy, there is wellness; where you are willing to bring forth that which is of your knowing of Beauty in some fashion; your knowing of harmony within; your desire to be of service expressed as simply as a smile, a loving word, perhaps a thoughtful gesture of some kind.  This is the Shift in action.

Know that you are always held in Love, even in your deepest darkest moments, and seek with all of your capacity at such times, to realign yourself to feel that Love:  embracing you, holding you, permeating your Being, as together, you heal the child – the one who is hurt, at whatever part of the journey that took place. Knowing this:  so often do you take on a role of healing a hurt that is truly not yours; that is a service, and can be relinquished, without being part of the drama that brought it to you in any form.

We Love you so; for each one of you on the Earth plane, there are so many in the Spirit Light who are part of your growth; part of the Entourage.  Feel their presence; EnJoy their Love:  allow that Love to Be who You ARE.

I am most Honoured to have been here this night, in this fashion; I celebrate each and every moment of Love with you.  I celebrate all that You ARE, when you are out of Love, as well.  For you ARE Divine.  You are Love in physical presence, and it is my great Honour to be of service to you.

As always, at the closure of these sessions, I offer to you the gift of healing frequencies:  allow yourself to open your Heart to receive, as you would choose.  For I am indeed Honoured to be so of service.



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