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A Lavender scarf and matching tie??


I was watching Obama speak today on CNN during the question and answer session at the closing of the Fiscal Responsibility Summit.  I noticed that a gentleman stood up an talked with Obama and he was wearing a purple tie and a matching purple scarf! (Actually, my TV showed it as pinkish but I still found it weird.  Thanks to Starseed for pointing out that it was actually purple!)  I remember thinking that it was really weird that he was wearing a SCARF at a function at the White House.

Those of us that know the story behind purple might think of a certain Lavender Lad?  Check out the video HERE (he shows up at about the 55 second mark):

This gentleman’s name is Andy Stern.  You can read more about him on Wikipedia HERE.

I just thought it interesting that purple showed up front and center.  Obama even made the comment, “Nice scarf, by the way” to laughter and smiles all ’round.

You can read the whole transcript of the Q&A session at the closing of the Fiscal Responsibility Summit on the Whitehouse website by clicking HERE.


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